Home Invasion Part 1 (San Francisco)

Secure your space and empower yourself: Women's self-defense for living alone

On Saturday, September 21st, join us for "Home Invasion Part 1: When You Live Alone," a practical workshop designed to equip women living alone with the knowledge, strategies, and self-defense skills to navigate potential threats and protect themselves in their own homes.

Living alone can bring a sense of independence and freedom, but it can also raise unique safety concerns. This workshop empowers you to take control of your security and create a safe haven within your own home.

Here's what you'll gain:
  • Essential home security measures: Learn practical tips and strategies to deter potential intruders and strengthen your home's defenses.
  • Heightened awareness and situational preparedness: Develop the skills to identify and respond to potential threats effectively.
  • Confidence-building self-defense techniques: Gain practical skills and techniques to protect yourself in case of an unexpected encounter.
Led by Tosca, a certified Krav Maga instructor with diverse martial arts experience, you'll gain practical knowledge through targeted drills and expert guidance. For Tosca, self-defense is more than just fighting; it's about fostering personal growth, empowerment, and the ability to navigate challenging situations with confidence. 

Sharpen your focus, hone your reflexes, and discover the strength you hold within. Self-defense is about will, not just skill. Register today and take the first step towards feeling safe, secure, and empowered in your own home. Space is limited to 21 participants, so don't delay!

Date: September 21, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Location: San Francisco
539 Gough St
San Francisco, CA 94102 US
Spaces Left: 21 Capacity: 21
Event Price: $65.00
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